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Vanika Hans performs Sattriya in Colorado Springs

During her Arangetram performance on January 8, 2011, Vanika Hans performed  a Sattriya Nritya item under the name “Krishna Bandana”. This dance, based on Raaga Dhanashree and Tala Soota, portrays Lord Krishna from the eyes of a humble worshipper. Vanika has been learning Bharatnatyam and Sattriya from her Guru Bonmayuri Kalita for the past eight years. Apart from her passion for dancing, Vanika is also an achiever in academics. She is a straight A student at Discovery Canyon High School in Colorado Springs. Vanika also participates in volleyball, basketball, Science Olympiad competitions and is active in Student Council. She also volunteers time at a local hospital. Vanika is the daughter of Rajesh and Reena Hans of Colorado Springs.