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Poems by Parineeta Sharma


Parineeta Sharma has lived  in Jodhpur from 2002. She completed her Masters degree in Music in 2008 from  J.N.V. University. Recently She has released a CD of Hindi bhajan from Kolkata. She also loves writing  poems.


the poems of parineeta are truely heart touching. the simplicity of expression lead me to my childhood, and reminded the pure and serene life of assam

The poem Bhawna is depicted our actual life where the end of the life never thought of. The poem remind us the actual fact. Second poem remind us our childhood how it pass off those golden days. A very good effort to express the past memories in a poetic manner. Wish a success as a poet Parineeta.

parineeta devir "bhauna" aru "xoixobole ubhoti jao bola" kobita duti podhi bar aananda palu.

jivanor chakror paakot ojanite humaai poda aamar hokolu praanir ekhon jibonta chobi ...

lekhikaar pora onagot bhobichwote upohaar paam buli aakhaare....