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Menaka PP Bora Assamese traditional dance and folklore in British museums

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menakaflyer1.jpgI take this opportunity to introduce my new ongoing dance project for Posoowa e-magazine. The details of the project are outlined below. I have also attached the official flyers. The main idea is to introduce and elucidate the contemporary relevance of Indian traditional dance and literature (in 2008 the focus is on Assamese traditional dance and folklore) in the national museums of Britain. This project will create long-term educational resources for future generations on relationship between dance, literature, history and artifacts of South Asia in museums across the UK and will encourage younger generation to appreciate and learn Indian culture through museum collections.

The Dance in Museum Project:

Following on the critical success of thematic Indian classical dance and workshops at National Portrait gallery (2003, 2005, 2006), Tate Modern (2005) in London, New Walk Museum (2002, 2003) in Leicester, National Museum (2004) in New Delhi, World Museum (2007) in Liverpool, dancer and scholar Menaka PP Bora introduces Dance and Museum Project in 2008. This project is commissioned to develop an innovative lecture and dance series linking ancient heritage and exhibitions with research and contemporary presentation of Indian dance and performance. It will combine site-specific live performances with lectures and workshops for adults, youth and families. In 2008, the project will encourage visitors to experience and participate in the South Asian collections/exhibitions of the museums and galleries through traditional dance, music, folklore, theatre and manuscript paintings of Assam. Here are the highlights of the 2008 efforts.                                                             

  • The Stories of Ramayana through Indian Dance, World Museum Liverpool (12th April 2008): An innovative production combining live Indian classical dance, Javanese puppets and traditional artifacts. This was followed by workshops for children and adults at the museum.

  • Indian Sattriya dance, Horniman Museum, London (27th July 2008): A solo Indian classical performance and dance workshop for families inspired by the ongoing exhibition of traditional musical instruments, Utsavam-Music from India.  

  • Experience Assam: Dance & Folklore, Horniman Museum, London (28th September 2008): This lecture-performance will focus on the changing relationship between environment and traditional dance of rural Assam and its impact on artistic communities through speech and performances for families and visitors visiting the museum.

  • Gender and Identity: An Indian Dance Portrayal, National Portrait Gallery, London (October 2008): A lecture-performance highlighting the aesthetics of an ancient Indian dance-drama tradition called "Ankiya Bhaona" from Assam using traditional costumes, masks, manuscript paintings, film installation, dance and speech.

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