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Jim Ankan Deka - Musician from Assam

Jim Ankan Deka - astounding musician from Assam has come a long way. He started his musical career in the early nineties, even before he touched his teens. After composing and arranging music for many successful English, Assamese and other vernacular albums, fate had him coming to Bangalore where he single handedly pioneered the ace Music Institute "Eastern Fare Music Foundation". He is the first Assamese to ever commence and manage a full-fledged Music Instiute and Studio in Bangalore.

He has performed in numerous Live Shows across the nation and bears an experience of over 15 years. Currently, apart from conducting regular Music Classes in his institute "Eastern Fare", Jim is engaged in an upcoming album in World Music genre to be named as "Veenar" in collaboration with noted Kanadda vocalist and musician Suchethan Rangaswamy.

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