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Friends, a magazine by the Non Residents for students of Assam and North East

The Assamese Diaspora spreading over United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia and Asia can play an important part in Assam’s development. The Diaspora consisting of a large reservoir of highly trained experts and scientists especially in the areas of Science, Technology and Knowledge based industries can certainly act as in the development of the region through the transfer of their knowledge and skills.

In recent years , Non Residents have taken a number of initiatives specially in the educational sector. There is also keen interest shown by the people in general and the state government in particular. Based on these successful interactions, it is being felt that NRA can contribute in meaningful, achievable, and measurable ways. A process to sustain and organize these efforts has also started with the Government of Assam showing keen interest. In recent months Non Residents have successfully coordinated a number of unique events:

· Space talks at four educational institutions of North East India with NASA Astronaut Mike Fincke. The talk was considered a path breaking event and has been instrumental in instilling confidence and encouragement into the hearts and minds of the young students in the area of space research.
· Organizing and participating in events like “Charity and peace walk” and “Run for a cause” . These events have enthused the people and Newspaper and digital media provided extensive coverage.
· Summer training and volunteering at a few educational institutions.
· Organization of Seminars, Workshops and Interactive Meets between the professionals/students and expatriates of this region.

“Friends” is an extension of this effort. We feel that a magazine in the print form will create a centre of information where information relating to job and educational opportunities abroad could be concentrated and made available to the youth of Assam and North East. The Non Residents will be able to share their experience and knowledge with students and interested groups. We are hoping that this magazine will be made available to the students of schools , colleges and Universities through libraries. The proposed magazine will also contain a directory section to provide the contact information of the individual Non Resident. This will help the students to get the necessary information.

Ankur Bora, Dallas, Texas