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Drugs, An Unholy suffering

Death, death, and only death! This is the only synonym one can think for drugs. Smaller than bullets, lighter than grenades, but they can kill a whole man, a whole human, slowly, very slowly, causing a very deadly and painful death.

Everybody knows, the substances behind the five letters “drugs” are dangerous, but still addiction is increasing day by day. But, why? What is the reason behind it?

A few months ago, I went to a friend’s place for a visit, but what I saw, when I entered his flat was really shocking. It shook the whole of my body—— it was a different picture, a totally different one…!!!

The “evening time” atmosphere was quite sizzling. It was a fog of smoke, just like something extraterrestrial. I saw 10 young people, 19 to 25 years of age, including my friend, enjoying heaven. “Guns ‘n Roses” screamed out through the music system making the situation rock! They were passing - lighted cigarette to each other.

Cigarette? Wait a minute!
Not ordinary ones!!
These are the cigarettes stuffed with dope—”bhang”,

They took out the tobacco from the cigarettes and stuffed it with  bhang. When I asked “But, why?” one of them replied, “I dope every weekend just to relax”. The other one said he is addicted. There were not only boys in the group, but girls as well. This was just a single scene in the world; there are thousands of similar scenes happening every minute around the world.

Young people are attracted to charas, ganja, brown sugar, S.P (spasmoproxyvom), nitro (nitrosum) and other deadly weapons, all known as drugs. Most surprising is the fact is that, these things are easily available in the market; just, and you must have good contact.
At first brokers who sell drugs, sell it cheap, but when one is addicted, they charge like anything. Consequently, once addicted, a youngster will do anything to get his or her fix, even stealing and ruining own and family’s life. 

And at last….
”Death”-- on the Doorstep.

The law is not able to trace it although it’s strict.
“We take it only to be relaxed with our heavy schedules at work”,
“But end up in addiction?”  When asked—— there was no answer.

This alarmingly rising trend may be attributed to pressure, both at school and work, and peer pressure—trying to be cool among friends. Although they seem to be aware of the consequences of prolonged and sustain abuse, young men and women are using it. Most of them start as occasional users or when they try to be a part of a happening crowd.
But alas! They end up regulars.

There must be control over these activities. It is OK to be cool with them; family members should keep an eye on the activities of their children, but never be harsh with them. Most importantly, it is your “WILL”; you should be strong enough to avoid these “deadly weapons” and lead a happy and healthy life.
A relief, a satisfaction for a few minutes, a few hours or a day can cause everlasting pain.
“An unholy suffering leading to the hell of death”

Pranjal Saikia, Pune, India