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Celebrating ASSAM at Nehru Centre


As a part of "Celebrating Assam" in collaboration with Assamese community, Rini NRI Co-ordinator for UK, the Nehru Centre (the cultural wing of Indian High Commission) on June 11 invited Lord Dholakia & Lady Ann, Dr. Christopher Young, Head of World Heritage and International Policy, Elizabeth Darcy. Britain's Tea Poet, Jitendra Kumar, First Secretary (Consular & Community Affairs) Indian High Commission , Amit Roy, well-known journalist, The Daily Telegrah & Eastern Eye, Ravi Sharma Executive director of Sunrise radio and television - (the biggest Asian Radio station in the world) Jasminder Kasturia. (Counsellor & Political) Indian High Commission, Mrinal Talukdar, Foundation secretary to kaunch his coffee table book Assam along with Ranjit Gogoi's Bihu troupe.

Jasminder Kasturia and Rini Kakati welcomed the audience.

The meeting started with lighting of the lamp by Dr. Christopher Young, Mrinal Talukdar, Lord Dholakia, Amit Roy, Ravi Sharma and Bhuban Baruah.


The seminar was chaired by well-known journalist, Amit Roy, The Daily Telegrah shared the illustrated talk on Assam. The coffee table book was launched by Dr. Christopher Young. Amit Roy invited the speakers to the floor starting with Lord Dholakia who spoke highly about his trip to Assam in 2005. Shri Tarun Gogoi. Hou'rble Chief Minister of Assam send a good will message both to House of Lords and Nehru Centre.

Dr. Christopher Young praised Assam and his experience by looking at the book. Although he has not been to Assam like Lord Dholakia. Now he is prepared to visit Majuli to finish his project.

Jitendra Kumar, First Secretary (Consular & Community Affairs) Indian High Commission, who spend his time in Assam as a 9 year old mention how beautiful Kaziranga and Assam. And promised to bring Assam Tourism to the world stage.

Amit Roy took the panel by discussing present situation in Assam. The seminar discussed how Assam can be promoted in the west. Exchange of questions were put to the panel by Bhuban Baruah, Dr. Nilomoni Sikdar and Premjit Marwah. As Mr. Amit Roy and Mr. Mrinal Talukdar tried to ally the apprehension and misconception about Assam in the western world. 

The highlight of the evening was Bihu dance by Ranjit Gogoi, Seetarani Hazarika, Jahnabi Goswami and Bonnya Duarah enthall the audience as a grand finale.