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A report of "joy of giving" by kingkhap

Kharghar Kingkhap Assamese Ladies Association

observed the "joy of giving" week from 25th sept.,2009 to 3rd oct.,2009 in Assam Bhawan, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, by providing

free meal to the cancer patient those are staying

in Assam Bhawan. They also observed 2nd oct.,2009

in a orphanage by distributing gifts,cloths,food etc

among the children.By observing this week King-

khap try to give back to our society a little possible.

Book on Assam

Mrinal Talukdar, Bureau Chief, United News of India, Guwahati, and eleven other individuals under the aegis of the Nanda Talukdar Foundation (NTF) are about to wind up a massive two and half-year-old project called "Project Assam". The goal of the project is the publication of a coffee table book called "ASSAM". The book will be published without any government, or institutional support.

Talks from Space

fincke1British science fiction author,  inventor and futurist “Arthur C Clark “ had once said “Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” And his words resonated loud and true on a unique and unforgettable event, which took place in Assam recently.

Proceeding of Assam Society of America (Axom Sangha, ASA) meeting 4th of July, 2009

Annual General Meeting of Assam Society of America (Axom Sangha) was held in Marriot Hotel, Colorado Springs, CO, on the sidelines of ASSAM2009. The meeting was presided by Dr. Ganesh Bora and opened up with thanking the ASSAM2009 host committee for giving the opportunity to gather in the 4th of July week-end. The members present discussed various projects initiated by ASA. Following members were present in the meeting.