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Community News

North East Month Meeting Minutes
The California Jonaki Group is taking initiatives to
organize North East Month during Rangali Bihu this year
in San Francisco bay area. This is the first of this kind
here in USA. Below is a flyer from California.

Kids Section: The Real True Alien

One day a boy named Jack came home from school and
went to his room to do his homework. Jack sighed and
said "Boy, this homework is hard, if only I could be an
alien, it would have been better!"

Jack started to do his homework, and after a few minute
something strange happened and Jack's room began to
spin. When Jack got off from the floor where he'd fallen
down when the room spun.

Jack was wondering why the room was spinning. He
looked out the window and saw the earth really far away
from his house!!!!


International Scholarship

I was going through an excellent book written by a girl
who studied BA (English) at Stanford – Wanna Study in
the US – Rupa Books – recently launched with a
foreword by billionaire Mukesh Ambani of Reliance
Industries, also an alumni of Stanford (MBA).

From the Land of the Rising Sun

Greetings to all….from the Land of the Rising Sun. I think
I am lucky to be always in or around the land where the
sun rises. There is Arunachal, bordering my native
Assam where the Sun rises majestically to bring a new
day in 'Bharat-borxo' by blessing its blue mountains with
the first rays of sunshine. And here it is Nippon, the 'Land
of the Rising Sun' and my present abode. Yeah, I am
talking about the land of 'Samurai, Sashimi and Sushi',
the land of 'Kimono'. At least that was all I knew about

Assimilation of Tai language to Assamese

Tai is a dominant migrant ethnic group in South-East and
adjoining South Asia and Tai-Ahoms are the largest Tai
community in the Assam. The assimilation of Tais into
Assamese society has been a gradual process.
Language, religious and political assimilation took place
in phased manner. In this article we are looking into the
aspects of Tai language assimilation in to Assamese.

The Indian Attitude: Unwelcome questions on a stray subject

This has become even more apparent in the recent past
and some people on both sides of the fence (and on the
fence) have spoken about it. But obviously the concept is
deep and extends far beyond cursory comments, into the
general public, the media and the government.

It is increasingly common to see many Indian middle-
class people with a "bugged-with-life-and-hell-breaking-
loose" attitude! Are there any justifications for this
apparent pessimism?

An Electronic Group: Information Technology Professionals in Assam and from Assam

In February of 2004, an electronic group called was formed by Dibyajyoti
Dutta, District Information Officer, Lakhimpur., Assam,
and Jugal Kalita, Associate Professor of Computer
Science and the University of Colorado at Colorado
Springs. It is a group seeking to encourage discussion on
the development of high technology industry in Assam
and Northeast India. The main objective is to seek the
development of a culture of high technology in Assam

Internet Radio Show in Assamese

If we you would like to listen to a regularly scheduled
Assamese show on the Internet, please tune to every Friday (Mountain Standard
Time, USA) from 10:30 AM till noon. To listen, please
click on the "..Windows Stream" or "..Unix/Mac Stream"
on the top left index of the Web page.  The show is
hosted by Jugal Kalita, an Associate Professor in
Computer Science at the University of Colorado at
Colorado Springs. He is the founder and Faculty Advisor

Kaziranga Calling You…

Do you have a plan to visit Assam soon? If so, if you time
well, may be you can plan to enjoy a cruise on the MV
Charaidew! You will enjoy the land of one-horned rhinos
in Kaziranga and an extra ordinary trip on the mighty
Brahmaputra. Yes, Assam tourism in the new year is
touching new heights! The Elephant Festival in
Kaziranga coincided with the inauguration of the country's
first long distance luxury river cruiser MV Charaidew
gives.  It's a fresh breath in the North East tourism

Patent Granted to an Assamese NRA: An Interview

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has
granted Patent Number 6,668,412 to Dr. Mantu C
Baishya on December 30, 2003. The title of the patent is
"Continuous Prestressed Concrete Bridge Deck Subpanel
System". Dr Baishya had done this work when he was at
University of Nebraska, Lincoln. First time Dr Baishya had
applied for this patent was in 1998. It has taken 5 years to
grant him the patent. The patent is on a unique bridge
system, which can be used for bridge replacement in



During one of our annual visits to Assam, our young son, felt very distraught when he noticed rickshaw wallas and poor children without any footwear.


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