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June 2008

An Early-life Portrait of My Brother Sheelabhadra

An Early-life Portrait of My Brother SheelabhadraBeing neat and tidy has never been  the hallmark of my mostly uneventful life except for a few incidental aberrations here and there. Since my brother Sheelabhadra is gone from this world now, I can say without fear of a mild rebuke or a reprimand in the form of a simple word or two that my exemplary ‘Guru’ in those regards was no other than my brother himself. No, no, no....

Rare baseball accomplishment of Assamese boy

preetam.jpgThis past season a rare baseball  accomplishment was made by Olympia  High School right fielder Preetam Talukdar by playing on the Safeco Field, the official home of the Seattle Mariners. Preetam is older son of Munin and Sujata Talukdar of Olympia, Washington. Preetam is heading to Lehigh University in Pennsylvania to study his engineering in the Fall. Preetam played for the Olympia High School baseball team and was a star player.

A FASS Project: Cultivation of Ginger and Turmeric at Garbhanga

teammembersatgarbhanga.jpgGarbhanga is a sleepy village unknown to most Guwahatians. But, it lies only only about 20 kms away from Guwahati. It is situated in the on the banks of world-renowned Dipor Bill, in midst of beautiful hills with abundance of natural beauty,. The village is still very isolated socially and economically from the mainstream.

Swim with the Dolphin, The Brahmaputra Beckons

Swim with the Dolphin, The Brahmaputra BeckonsThe dolphins came right up to me as I  entered the water. They began to  swim around me, kiss me and let me touch them. As I whistled gleefully, one came near me and splashed water all over me. It gently rose out of the water, rested his head on my shoulder and touched his fins on my sides. I hugged him gently, he stayed there until I let go, then he gently slipped away into the water”.

Rongali Bihu Celebration in London 2008

Rongali Bihu Celebration in London 2008The London Bihu Committee, the oldest Bihu Committee in the United Kingdom is happy to announce and to inform our relatives, friends and compatriots in Assam and elsewhere that Rongali Bihu was celebrated at St. Andrews Church Hall, Southgate, North London on 4th May, 2008. It was celebrated a couple of weeks later than the traditional date to fit into local British Calendar; in fact, 4th May is the first day of spring in the U.K.