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February 2008

Magh Bihu Celebration at New Jersey

Magh Bihu Celebration at New Jersey

True to the tradition of past many years, this year too the NE Assamese community congregated at the Kingston Presbyterian Church, Kingston, New Jersey, on January 12th, to celebrate one of the most important festivals of the Assamese - the Magh Bihu. The Assamese diaspora from the tri-state area and neighboring Pennsylvania and Delaware - spurred by the milder than normal weather - participated in record numbers in this year’s celebration.

You Own the Monkey, and You Train it Your Way

Microsoft Corporation, which makes software (basically strings of digit 1’s and 0’s embedded in silicon chips in computers) for computers, is worth billions and billions of dollars. The corporation is so rich that its founder Bill Gates practically doesn’t know what to do with his vast wealth. So, what does he do? He has started with his wife a huge foundation named ‘Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’ for helping the disadvantaged all over the world.


There and not there

By Peter Bevan, Glasgow

SANTANA GOHAIN There are three intriguing paradoxes in these new works, traces of which were seen in some of the paintings shown in her exhibition, “Silent Speech”, The Museum Gallery, Mumbai in 2006.

In the catalogue essay for that exhibition, I wrote that some of these works are, “like many animals and plants…sensitive to light and movement”

My trip and a pilgrimage to Parijat Academy

Parijat AcademyI still remember my first visit to Parijat Academy in 2006. Uttam Teron, at that time had started the school with about 50 students and a small staff. This year, Parijat Academy has more than 400 students and a staff of 16. In addition, Uttam Teron has been successful in raising awareness among the people of the area about education and healthcare. Parijat Academy is located in Village Pamohi.