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November 2008

Assam Society of America (Axom Sangha) along with others condemn the recent serial blasts in Assam. It was a barbaric incident where more than 88 people died and numerous injured. We urge the government to take strict measures to prevent further attacks in Assam by the terrorists and bring the culprits to justice. The government should not take into account caste, religion and national to curb violence. We are with the people of Assam to build a peaceful state and sail to prosperous future.

Around 300 individuals attended the candle light protest against the recent bomb blasts in Assam, held near Jantar Mantar, New Delhi  on 11/9/2008 at 3:30 PM to submit a memorandum to the Prime Minister/Home Minister protesting the recent serial blasts in Assam and to show solidarity with blast victims. Each attending individual was requested to bring two pieces of black and white ribbons to tie on the armband.

15th August 1985 – The Historic Assam Accord was signed. What jubilation, what joy, what hopes!

15th August 1985 – Parasmoni Bordoloi was also born … in Jorhat … in Assam … a state that, from now on, is likely to progress just like any other state of India … peacefully.

And after 23 years, he takes part in a silent candle peace march in Bangalore protesting against the recent bomb blasts of Asssam in particular … and terrorism across the country in general. Where have all the hopes of progress gone? From bad to worse?

The recent gruesome bomb blasts in Assam exposed the fact that no one anywhere is safe from the nefarious activities of the terrorists who wants to achieve “whatever they have on mind”. The blast claimed so many lives and destroyed so much that it would leave an irreparable fear and pain on the psyche of Assam for years to come. For many, things may become normal tomorrow; and of course life will go and maybe this incident will be forgotten within months but being complacent and not taking steps will not be a solution.

Axom (Assam) is one of the states in the Northeast region of India.  It has adequate natural beauty and huge natural resources. World heritage destinations such as the Kaziranga wildlife sanctuary, the world’s largest river island Majuli and the renowned place of worship—the Kamakhya temple, beckon people to Assam.  The Mighty  Brahamaputra River passes through Assam.

Assam has unique traditions and cultures. It is the gateway to the Northeast, covering an area of 78,523 sq km.

Dear friends,

We would like to share with you an Assamese children story online. Inspired by Wahid Saleh of the Netherlands and with support from Rajen Baruah of Houston , Texas , this story has been developed primarily for the school children and their teachers. It is also expected that this will be a language learning tool for the non resident staying away from their motherland. It took almost a year of effort to complete this story and we hope that our modest effort will enrich the Assamese language.

The story is available online at: www.bookbox.

Atlanta Durga Puja 2008: Organized by Bengali Association of Greater Atlanta (BAGA). The Assamese people in Atlanta attended the Puja. Dr. Ganesh Deka of Atlanta was involved in organizing the Puja. Photo by Bharat Baruah, Atlanta, Georgia, 10/10/2008

An excellent Web site called www.atributetosankaradeva.org has been launched recently to offer the world a glimpse of the xanatana dharma (eternal faith) that the Assamese prophet Sankaradeva espoused almost 600 years ago. The Web site is very tastefully created and is content-rich. The “sitemap” page one gets to by clicking on the link provided on the top navigation bars provides a table of contents for the site.

The site has a treasure trove of information about Saint Sankaradeva and the religion he started in Assam.

Re: “Gautom Medhi - a Successfull Assamese  Entrepreneur in the USA”

As an Assamese, I am really proud to know about Mr. Medhi. This not because he’s an NRI or very well educated. This is because he has choosen a career which most of the Assamese don’t dare to. Daring to establish his own venture shows how determined and self-condident he is. Wish you all the very best sir.

There have been some recent changes to the Executive Committee, Chennai. Here is the latest list.

DR. Gunin Basumatery (ONGC), President : 9444007054, H.C.C. Bordaloi (ONGC), Secretary : 9445005191, Niranjan Das (ONGC), Treasurer : 9445005049, Kishore Kalita, Organizing Secretary : 9840588738, Prabhat Ch. Kalita, Organizing Secretary : 9445005328, Deep Kingkar Goswami, Magazine Secretary : 9840064064, P.K. Bhattacharjee, Cultural Secretary : 9445005154, Harmohan Barman (IT Commissioner), Adviser : 9444766283, Samir Baruah (IOB), Adviser

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